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2006 Photography

2011 Events from Dubuque and the Tri-States
2006 Photos from Dubuque and the Tri-States

(2006-12-24) Christmas Eve, Sunrise Frost
If you were up with the sun on Christmas Eve day there was a beautiful frost. We had no snow but the frost was very detailed, especially if you take a close look. : )

(2006-12-17) Some area Christmas Events
A couple of pictures from a live Nativity scene at Grand View United Methodist Church and one at St Peter Lutheran Church, plus a couple of more shots from Galena and the luminaries.

(2006-12-12) The new Cresent Community Health Center

(2006-11-24) Christmas Candle Walk – 4th Street
Santa is real, I saw it myself and I think so did thousands of other people. The nice weather brought out a lot of believers Friday night for Santa’s arrival on the 4th street elevator.

(2006-11-19) Park Farm Winery – Nouveau Release Party
A special release to celebrate the 2006 vintage was joined by a great turn out of wine tasters and some live music by, Melanie Mausser, The One Hat Band and Andy Wilberding.

(2006-10-29) Whitewater Canyon
Whitewater Canyon is just 20 minutes south of Dubuque and partial located in Dubuque county. These pictures were taken just before sunset and it is late in the season so there is not the amount of color there was a couple of weeks earlier.

(2006-10-28) Galena Halloween Balloon Glow
After the Galena Halloween Parade a number of hot air balloons lined up along the fever river and inflated for about 20 minutes.

(2006-10-23) Dubuque Halloween Parade

It was a little chilly and this parade lasts a long time, if you had not bundled up you were feeling it by the time the last float passed by.

(2006-10-20) Asbury Halloween Parade

There were plenty of ghost and goblins at the annual Asbury Halloween Parade.

(2006-10-13) Mines of Spain Fall Pictures

A fall walk along the Catfish Creek area just before sunset in the Mines of Spain recreation area.

(2006-09-27) Gin Rickeys Connect Event

365 CONNECT event Wednesday after work at the newest addition to the downtown bar scene GIN RICKEYS! If you have not seen the place since back in the day of Bodine’s, it will be worth your time to have a drink and see what they have done.

(2006-09-24) Gays Mills Apple Festival

I do not usually post events from too far outside the Tri-States however I saw a lot of area people at the event so I added the photos. The population around Gays Mills contains about 1000 people but swells to close to 10,000 on this weekend. If you ever go make sure to drive in from 61 on 171 and you will pass 6 miles of orchards and many large apple farms.

(2006-09-16) Galena Garlic Festival

If you are a garlic lover this was the place to be. There was roasted garlic, pickled garlic, garlic salsa, garlic bean soup and for the bold, raw if you liked. There was also some great music provided by ochOsol.

(2006-09-14) Hudson’s Classic Car Cruise

If you have ever seen the movie “American Graffiti” you are not going to get a lot closer then this; a beautiful night at the end of the summer, oldies music, classic cars and the smell of grilling burgers. Guess you had to be there to hear the music and smell the burgers. : )

(2006-09-14) Hampton Inn Ribbon Cutting

RIbbon cutting and a look at the new Hampton Inn now open on Highway 20.

(2006-09-09) Voices from the Warehouse District

Gallery opening for the Dubuque Museum of Art’s exciting off-site exhibition event.

(2006-09-08) Outside the lines art gallery

An overflow crowd showed up for the opening of the new “Outside the Lines” art gallery.

(2006-09-08) RiverFest Friday Night

A couple of pictures from the Friday night activities at RiverFest.

(2006-09-02) Art on the River

Opening reception and a look at the the “Art on the River” metal work pieces.

(2006-09-02) Farmers market

The first farmers market of September had lots of excellent produce in season.

(2006-09-01) The last “All that Jazz” of 2006

All that Jazz under the Town Clock.

(2006-08-22) Prescott Elementary Ribbon Cutting

Dubuque should be proud to have another first rate school open for classes this fall. See the ribbon cutting and some interior and exterior pictures.

(2006-08-19) Barbeque Cook-Off

Dubuque County Fair Grounds. We got a chance to sample a little and learn about the judging. DO NOT look at these pictures hungry.

(2006-08-18) All that Jazz

Under the Town Clock.

(2006-08-11) Summerfest

Summerfest with the R-Factor under the Town Clock.

(2006-08-02) Taste of Dubuque

It looked like rain, but a breeze blew in, the weather calmed and there was a beautiful sunset.

(2006-07-30) Dubuque County Fair Evening

Sunday night at the races and checking out the Midway.

(2006-07-30) Dubuque County Fair Afternoon

Sunday afternoon at the demolition derby.

(2006-07-28) Dubuque Arboretum’s
Evening on the Green

A great turn out of about 300 people for the arboretum fundraiser.

(2006-07-27) Dubuque County Fair

Tractor Pull Night and a beautiful sunset.

(2006-07-27) McGraw-Hill Ground Breaking

McGraw-Hill breaks ground on its new 32 million dollar building in the Port of Dubuque.

(2006-07-23) Mud Lake BlueGrass

Great music next to the Mississippi and if you search you can find Minnows, DragonFlies and of course Fish flies.

(2006-07-21) All that Jazz, July 2006

It had rained all afternoon but the rained stopped before the band started and it turned out to be a beautiful and very comfortable night.

(2006-07-19) Dubuque Chamber Business PM

The Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce had 93 vendors turn out for the “Toot
Your Own Horn” July event.

(2006-07-09) Main Street Cruisers’ Car Show

It was a little warm and very sunny but there was an exceptional turnout for the annual car show held at the Dubuque Arboretum.

(2006-07-08) Asbury Music in the Park

Asbury Celebrates the 10th Music in the park. Fun, games, music beer and beer were enjoyed by all. The The Dingleberries closed the night with most everyone singing and dancing along.

(2006-07-08) Farmers Market in Dubuque

Some of the first corn of the season was available (but not for long) on Saturday at Market and we also ran in to the crew of the “Garden Organic” working on a new show.

(2006-06-23) Catfish Festival – Center Stage Band

Friday night was not very crowded, but the band rocked.

(2006-06-22) The Finders Band – Dave Zollo – Denny Garcia

What a great night of some jamming music at the busted lift.

(2006-06-21) 365 Connect Cruise – American Lady

(2006-06-17) Dubuque Arboretum Rose Festival

(2006-06-16) All That Jazz – June 2006


(2006-06-01) Bartinis celebrates 1 year

(2006-05-30) Under the influence – at the Busted Lift

(2006-05-26) Summer Kickoff under the town clock

(2006-05-06) Dubuque Museum of Art – Citywide High School Exhibition