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2015 Photography

2015 Area and Event Media from Dubuque and the Tri-States

(2015-08-3) Mines of Spain/EB Lyons Addition
Mines of Spain Ribbon Cutting for their 52 Acre addition

(2015-08-7-8) Rock and Roll Rewind
Rock and Roll Rewind Concerts Friday and Saturday

(2015-07-26) Grand Opera House Caberet
Caberet performed at the historic Grand Opera House

(2015-06-18) Art on the River 2015 opening
Art on the River exhibition on the Dubuque River Walk

(2015-06-12-13) America’s River Festival Collection
America’s River Festival Friday and Saturday VIP and Concert

(2015-04-23) 2015 Kate Mulgrew Book Signing
Kate Mulgrew’s book signing at JDIFF 2015

(2015-03-20) Beatles Tribute in West Dubuque
The Beatles tribute held in West Dubuque

(2015-03-20) Beatles Tribute in West Dubuque (Video)
Video from the Beatles tribute held in West Dubuque

(2015-03-15) Sundown Slush Cup
The photos of the 2015 Sundown Slush Cup held in closing day

(2015-02-22) 2015 Oscars at MindFrame Theaters
The 2015 Oscars screening party at MindFrame Theater

(2015-02-22) Northeast Iowa Council 2014 Eagle Scouts
The 2014 eagle scouts of northeast Iowa are recgonized

(2015-02-21) Rod and Custom Car Show
The 2014 Rod and Custom Car Show

(2015-02-06) Community Foundation Block Party
The 2015 Community Foundation Block Party

(2015-01-18) Gallery C – David Keltner Presentation
The presentation of  David Keltner at Gallery C